"Do you know any constellations?" 
"No, I don't."
"I always thought they were boring, so I made up my own."

What if you could create your own constellations?

The Space in Between is an emotional dating sim about Asian-American identity, mental health, and stargazing.

Meet June, a spunky Chinese-American college student trying to make sense of her complicated relationship with her immigrant mother.

This is the love story between her and Miles, a quiet artist who is recovering after a harsh past with mental illness.

Set on a scenic stargazing trip, create your stories among the stars as you hear powerful narratives from the hidden ways Asian parents say “I love you” to the social isolation of depression. Our game is a vignette into modern relationships, a story that will leave you calling your close ones to tell them you love them.

Look up, let go, and take a chance on the night sky.

  • Create your own constellations and the backstories to them. Connect stars in the night sky to form your own constellation, and hear different stories about the characters depending on what constellation you form.
  • Experience a nuanced perspective on the Chinese-American experience and mental illness. We merge representation with authentic storytelling through realistic dialogue.
  • Relive the first time you fell in love. The juxtaposition of June and Miles’s silly banter and deep talks will surprise you.
  • Two recommended playthroughs
  • Original writing, art, and music

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I played this game as my final game on my channel this was a beautiful game!!!


Thank you!

Genuinely one of my favourite games :((

Aw, thank you! If you like our games, you should consider wishlisting our next game (it'll be free!) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1706930/A_Taste_of_the_Past/

Just finished playing the game!As a Chinese girl,I am so related and touched.The memory about Big Rabbit and stolen fruit ,the relationship with mom and the way we asian people express feelings are so familiar to me.This game is incredible!

Aw, thank you! If you like our games, you should consider wishlisting our next game (it'll be free! And it has another Chinese main character) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1706930/A_Taste_of_the_Past/

Is this a multiple ending or storyline game depending on the choices you make?


The game is very cute and thought-provoking! I'm always excited to learn about other cultures and other people so I liked how important identity was in this game. The characters love and respect each other so much that I found it instantly enjoyable <3

Aw, thank you!

Will you release this game for andoroid ? Sorry if i asked a stupid question

Sorry, we don't have plans for a mobile release!

I really like the artstyle!  The story is nice but it just feels like I'm playing Longest Night all over again. But it's still a good game though!

Great game depicting about a special time in these characters's lives and how they found each other and can encourage each other. It's really a very special moment being depicted in this game.. The art, music, and interaction had really great direction as well, big fan of the stylized expanding text box and choice buttons.. Really great moments here !


We are excited to discuss The Space in Between tonight @ 7 PM EST on Indie Game Club!

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/potionsandpixels


Awesome, I'll check this out!

This was so beautiful! The constellations were all amazing <3

Aw, thank you!

I played it on steam, and honestly... I can't describe how beautiful this game is... it even makes you think about things from your own life. Short and simple, but really pretty.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback :)

This sounds so awesome and cute! Can't wait :D

Thank you! :)